Honey Ramka
Deep Ssips features paintings by Yasamin Keshtkar, Sophie Larrimore, Nat Meade, Clayton Schiff, and Salman Toor.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Pravdacadabra, featuring work by Jason Reyen.

Private Joy is an exhibition by Gaby Collins-Fernandez and Jason Stopa.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Carpet Grotto, featuring work by Deborah Mesa-Pelly.

Miami Overflow features a selection of work by artists included in our PULSE Miami Beach 2016 booth.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is How to heal a rotten eye, featuring work by Mitch Patrick.

A selection of new paintings and a sculpture by Jason Reyen.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Plot Points, featuring work by Justin Amrhein, Justin Cooper, Caroline Larsen, Amy Lincoln, Lisa Sanditz, Clayton Schiff, Paul Wackers, and Michael Wetzel.

dan Waller: sacred sex (curated by Nikita Vishnevskiy) features work by dan Waller.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Polina Barskaya & Jason Reyen — New Paintings.

Love is Like a Butterfly features work by Heather Garland.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Swerve featuring paintings by Katrina Fimmel.

ghost girl and the Return of Saturn features work by Matthew de Leon.

In this installation, ghost girl is adrift in a culture obsessed with fixing oneself in a particular place, grounding the self in a point in history, and finding she’s not only unhinged, but has been forever. Time collapses onto itself in a rubble of rainbow shards while Saturn’s rings unravel into floppy ribbons of muslin. A large black hat appears suddenly in the corner like the looming slab monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The hat is tipped to nights sunken in a cabaret of powders, queens, old songs, and red bars. On the wall a drawing of a black cake sits sliced for a birthday and a suicide sundae is assembled for just one of many endings.

Original PNGs features work by Tom Moody.

A consummate digital draftsman and blogger, Moody paints polymorphous biomorphs and pens trenchant criticism with polymathic aplomb. Here, Moody’s work evokes underground comix styles, graffiti, and modernist painting.

Trace Evidence features work by Lance Lankford.

Lankford's objects and sculptures frequently use sparse means to evoke a broad range of associations and access shared points of opposed concepts. His interest in phenomenology, natural history, and the absurd are central to his work.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Ecstatic Prismatic, featuring works by Matt Kleberg, Caroline Larsen, and Devin Powers.

Illustrated by Toor and co-written by Toor and Alexandra Atiya, The Electrician is an in-progress graphic novel that, while steeped in the strangeness of the supernatural, highlights themes and social conflicts of contemporary Pakistani life.

Accompanying this show in the main gallery is Control Panel featuring work by James Clark, Linda Francis, Micah Ganske, Ben Garthus, Tom Moody, and Yael Rechter.

Abscissas and Ordinates features drawings by Lars van Dooren and John O'Connor.

Both artists employ data as material, which is then deconstructed and re-schematized into patterned complexes or hyper-mediated data sets. At times redolent of cartography, lotto drawings, or blueprints, their works are also a latticing of states: beautifully dissected, sutured, and reframed data centers. These refigured schematics exploit the allure of infographics and repackage the baroque boondoggle of spreadsheets into new cryptographs.

Accompanying this show in the main gallery is Puppet Panic, featuring work by Paul Bergeron, Katrina Fimmel, Jason Reyen, and Ana Wieder-Blank.

Filling Station, an installation by Jason Reyen.

A partial transplant of the artist’s studio, Filling Station displays Reyen’s workspace as a gallery exhibition. Complete with distressed sofa chair amid a riot of art periodicals, drawings, and other “art-worker” ephemera, Filling Station reexamines the (modern) artist’s garret as a nexus of chaos and creativity.

Accompanying this show in the main gallery is Permanent Collection, an installation by Stephen Eakin.

Family Affair features paintings by Polina Barskaya.

Barskaya was born in Cherkassy, Ukraine in 1984 and currently lives in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, in an apartment overlooking a parking lot and an ocean. Steeped in this neighborhood’s Russian immigrant milieu, Barskaya is a painter not just of people but of families. Her portraits encompass an ability to conceive of generations in the abstract, alongside an insistence on her specific experience as a daughter and granddaughter. Barskaya has two modes: disinterested and wholly consumed. This duality finds a natural medium in watercolor, which allows the shift, in a single stroke, from intense coloration to ghostly blur. Every approach to belonging to life—sadness, boredom, an itch—is on display. Barskaya, working from photographs, is driven by a true need to chronicle. A need to express what is already lost, even as something new—a painting—is being created. Crease-shadows made by a father’s paunch packed into too-small shorts, an amoeba of untamed Jewish girl hair, faceless figures pressed together against a harsh geometric background that mirrors the nondescript scramble of memory and years. —written by Yelena Akhtiorskaya

Accompanying this show in the main gallery is Freddie, Bread, Curtains, featuring video works by Deborah Mesa-Pelly.

Courtesy of Transition Gallery, British Low Culture features work by Kirsty Buchanan, Cathy Lomax, Alli Sharma.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is DEMS TOAD, featuring work by Elizabeth Ferry.

Thoughts as well as waters is an installation by Langdon Graves.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Wretch, featuring paintings by Nina Chanel Abney, Polina Barskaya, Katrina Fimmel, Nat Meade, Rebecca Morgan, Salman Toor, and Ana Wieder-Blank.

Urban Wild features works by Ivan Stojakovic.

Watch video of a discussion with the artist here.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Twice Bitten, featuring works by artists who have shown previously at the gallery: Yevgeniya Baras, Ana Wieder-Blank, Lars van Dooren, Elizabeth Ferry, Jason Reyen, and Boris Torres.

Subtle Adornments is a collaborative installation by Zoë Field and Heather McKenna.

Looking at backgrounds and patterns, textures and adornments, the artists review the visual origins of surface treatment and facade.

Surfaces are dissected and redistributed. The natural becomes an industrial construction; the industrial an elaboration of its former self. Skins are shed and fossils found. Subtle Adornments addresses the curiosities of surface, origin, and the boundaries of naturalness through industrial processing and nostalgic reiterations.

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Not In My Backyard, featuring artworks by Jason Reyen.

Locus features sculpture by Cecile Chong.

As written by the artist: "My work addresses the process of cultural encounter and entanglement. My exposure to different cultural objects and ideas has driven my fascination with how these influences are visually acquired, represented and interpreted. I am interested in how cultures copy others, and how borrowed ideas often find their way back to the original culture. This entanglement of culture, history, place and interpretation are themes that I explore in my work."

Accompanying this exhibition in the main gallery is Bugger the $phinx, featuring paintings by Alicia Gibson, Yasamin Keshtkar, and Boris Torres.

Bardo features paintings by Linnea Paskow.

As written by the artist: "My paintings are about the love of being present, alive, in the thick of my materials, as though in the mud. Painting comes from a place of love and abundance. The mystery and vastness of the world reveals itself to me when I wait and listen. I paint the feeling and visions of my dreams; the color-world reveals itself on the canvas as it emerges from hiding."

Accompanying this show in the main gallery is The Crystal Cracked, featuring artworks by Jessica Cannon, Lars van Dooren, Ben Finer, Michelle Heinz, Peter Lapsley, Keri Oldham, Russell Tyler, and Nikita Vishnevskiy.
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