Honey Ramka presents Latchkey, an exhibition by Deborah Mesa-Pelly. Opens Friday, March 1st (6-9 PM). On view through March 24th.

As written by Mesa-Pelly:

I saw an instructional video once when I was a kid. Or it may have been a variety show. Or it could have been 'Don't Look in the Basement.' I'm pretty sure though it was an instructional video.

Isn't it all a suffocating entertainment. These spaces twist and turn and fold upon each other and unfold and back again. And then when it's all over they repeat again.

Me and the flow, over and over again until it's blurred enough. And then what's mine and theirs and mine is exactly where I want it.

Also on view in the project space is Gaines Peyton: Recent Paintings.

In painter and gallerist Gaines Peyton’s exhibition of new small-scaled paintings, the fantastical and the natural overlap in paintings that combine lucid irrationality with moody, stilled landscapes. In Peyton’s works, birds and plants that could have issued from the brush of Hieronymous Bosch unfurl in sinuous filigree before landscapes tranquil enough to be Thomas Gainsboroughs. Set against creamy grounds layered with oil paint and encaustic, Peyton renders vignettes of a world that seems to flower and dissolve in a timeless alternate landscape. 
In this series of small paintings, Peyton punctuates a wintery grey-blue oil palette with stirring moments of finely-painted fauna and botanica rendered in intense opaque color on the surface. A bird, a pear tree, or a cluster of broken-off buds appear with surrealist clarity, climbing over obscured forms compressed below them between layers of oil glazes. Peyton’s combination of foggy distance and precise and colorful immediacy summons a mysterious ether where the painting’s densely-worked ground and finely-painted surface could be an Edenic paradise or its foggy remnants after the fall. In either case, the menagerie is as lush as it is haunted.

Gaines Peyton: Recent Paintings
Honey Ramka <i><b><font color="#F21DDD">Latchkey</i></b></font><Br><i><b><font color="#0101DF">Gaines Peyton: Recent Paintings</i></b></font>

Deborah Mesa-Pelly
still from Limix Domesticus
single-channel video (4:45)
Honey Ramka <i><b><font color="#F21DDD">Latchkey</i></b></font><Br><i><b><font color="#0101DF">Gaines Peyton: Recent Paintings</i></b></font>

Gaines Peyton
Twisted Elm
mixed media on panel
9" x 12"
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