Honey Ramka
Honey Ramka presents Sam McGee's Big Night, a solo exhibition by Paul Bergeron. The show opens Friday, March 10th from 6-9 PM, and runs through Sunday, April 23rd.

Sam McGee’s Big Night combines two stories—Robert W. Service’s poem The Cremation of Sam McGee and fairytale The Three Little Pigs—and posits them within the same universe. Characters are given new roles and seek to convey a story that combines the real, the remembered, and the fantastic. Characters’ names and artwork titles come from personal references, specific stories, and other influences.

Bergeron’s work is informed by his growing up in Alaska, Sesame Street, and French surrealist literature.

Sam McGee's Big Night by Paul Bergeron (installation view)
Sam McGee's Big Night
3/10/17 - 4/23/17
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