Honey Ramka presents between days, an exhibition organized by Lars van Dooren with work by Skye Gilkerson, Elizabeth McAlpine, Peter Mundwiler, Heather Rowe, Greg Smith, Lars van Dooren, Nikita Vishnevskiy, and Robert Yoder. Opens Friday, October 26th (6-9 PM) — on view thru Sunday, December 2nd.

As written by van Dooren:

between days is a presentation of loosely connected approaches and outcomes. Its participants create sculptures, videos, and objects that travel in concentric and overlapping paths, like committed friends with a few shared interests.

Drifting narratives of awkward protest, fictitious gangs, generative rituals, architectural and urban planning histories, cinematic remnants, and celestial events co-mingle. Narrative is employed to various ends. Through the works’ specific threads or our invented thoughts, we encounter works to decipher or to structure our own stories around.

For some, catalysts and potential embeds itself in the processes of their work. These subtly active objects and actions convey a larger practice where perpetual or aggregate forms of production are explored. Idiosyncratic sculptures alternately explore use-value and stasis in a push and pull of the objects’ self-confidence and appeals to your engagement.

Meaning and intention are here, but held at a comfortable arm's-length. between days will meet you halfway. With works that navigate literal or opaque interpretations, the exhibition offers you generous propositions for intuitive readings."

*Special thanks to Susan Inglett Gallery and frosch&portmann

between days

Robert Yoder
Rose Garden
appliqués and embroidery on pieced wool towels
26" x 24"
(courtesy frosch&portmann)

between days
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